8 Reasons Why Bosch Dishwasher Starts Then Stops (How To Fix)

The Bosch dishwasher is a great appliance while it is functioning, highly effective at washing the dishes, and helpful in the preservation of water. Sadly, it can also be susceptible to malfunctioning at the worst possible times like your Bosch dishwasher start then stops, it may cause you surrounded by a mountain of unclean dishes. Utilizing the Bosch dishwasher to wash the dishes after a leisurely lunch might be an unsuitable action for you if the dishwasher abruptly stops mid-cycle. At the moment, your mind will be filled with several questions, including: What can you possibly do to fix the issue? Or what is the major cause of your Bosch dishwasher stops mid cycle?
Here in this article, we will discuss the different ways and possible solutions you can try to fix your dishwasher if your Bosch dishwasher starts and then stops. We will also discuss the main reasons and how to fix it and other frequently asked questions regarding this. So let’s take a start.

8 Reasons Why Bosch Dishwasher Starts Then Stops:

If your Bosch dishwasher is not completing the full cycle or Stops mid-cycle then there may be some important reason for it, which you can try to fix it.

8 Reasons why Bosch Dishwasher Starts Then Stops
  • The door is not properly Closed
  • Loose Door Latch
  • The Control Panel Problem
  • Damaged Thermal Fuse
  • Electric Board Connection Issue
  • Pump and Motor Issues
  • Unstable Water Pressure
  • Fan Issue

The door is not Properly Closed:

If your Bosch dishwasher starts, then stops then maybe this concern is due to the door of your dishwasher which is not properly closed. This might be a bothersome problem because you may be required to begin the cycle from scratch.


You can resolve this problem in several ways. First thing you should make sure that the dishwasher is in balance and placed at a level. If the dishwasher is not balanced and placed on a level, then the door might not shut properly. The dishwasher can be placed in balance by adjusting the leveling feet in the bottom area of the dishwasher. Even though the dishwasher is placed in a balance, if the door yet fails to close correctly, there can be an obstruction. Examine the region located in front of the dishwasher to determine if dishes or other objects might be obstructing the door. Clear them as well as attempt over if you notice any.
If the door is closed properly then you can try to restart the cycle if the issue is with the door after resolving it will complete a full cycle.

Loose Door Latch:

A dishwasher door latch is a very important part of a dishwasher. If the door latch of your dishwasher is loose or damaged so it is very important to replace it immediately.
To begin with carefully examine the latches on the fixed units and the part that moves the dishwasher door. In certain cases, a damaged prong appears clearly, which you can easily repair or replace it without completely taking the entire appliance apart.
Without disassembling the entire dishwasher, you may repair the broken latch by ordering this item online.
Even after, if the dishwasher is properly established, it is still advisable to check the door latch. It is crucial to inspect these components for damages because a damaged door latch could affect how the machine opens and closes as well as how the draining and filling cycles work. Your Bosch dishwasher may frequently be diagnosed when it stops mid-cycle due to a broken dishwasher door latch or switch. The device will interrupt the cycle while it believes that the door is open, although you might not have opened it.

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The Control Panel Problem:

The control panel of your appliance functions as the brain of the device. The control panel analyses data and controls all of the parts that move in your dishwasher just like the human brain would. However, everything may go incorrect including a self-reset or incorrect resetting due to an unstable connection. The control panel’s design is meant to survive the lifespan of the machine.

A quick test can fix the dishwasher control panel if it is not working if it is not working properly.
To begin with, make sure there isn’t an illuminated signal on the control panel. Kindly carefully examine the display unit since they occasionally go misplaced. After that, determine if the dishwasher needs to be repaired or if it has previously been restarted. Resetting it might be able to solve the issue and restore functionality.

Damaged Thermal Fuse:

A dishwasher that has a damaged fuse may suddenly stop operating. All appliances require such fuses as protection against heating up, wiring problems, and over currents of electricity. The most frequent cause of a Bosch dishwasher stop mid-cycle is a damaged thermal fuse. When the dishwasher becomes overheated, the thermal fuse shuts off the electricity as a precaution against damage. The fuse is going to blow, and the dishwasher won’t operate if it gets excessively warm.
There are a few steps you may take to address the problem if your Bosch dishwasher starts and then stops, and you suspect a blown thermal fuse is to blame. To begin with, look for any heating-up indications with the dishwasher. The thermal fuse has probably blown if the dishwasher is excessively hot for your fingertips. You may additionally search for charred wires or other indications of damage caused by heat.
You need to be replaced the thermal fuse whenever you believe it has exploded. Using some basic instruments, you can complete this pretty easy replacement. New fuses are usually available at hardware shops. The Bosch dishwasher will operate effectively after the fuse has been fixed.

Electric Board Connection Issue:

In reality, the electrical circuit board is designed to serve for the lifetime of the dishwasher. However, it is susceptible to liquid damage or simple burnout, particularly with earlier models with limited security features. When this occurs, your Bosch dishwasher after a few minutes will abruptly stop.
A dishwasher could fail to operate effectively if a circuit board has been damaged, which puts additional pressure on other parts like the water pump, door latch, and warming component. This may soon result in complete unit failure and replacements.
The prongs and wires connected with the identical switches and parts which aren’t functioning should be checked through the use of a millimeter to examine the connectivity on an electronic control board as previously indicated. Up to the conclusion of collapse, any fault with one connection might not result in observable issues with a dishwasher’s operations.

Pump and Motor Issue:

Probably, a motor or pump issue will be the cause of your Bosch dishwasher starts then stops. While being powered by the motor, the pump circulates water around the dishwasher. The dishwasher won’t function properly if a single of these parts breaks down.
You may attempt a couple of various methods to solve this issue.
Initially, ensure that the motor or pump is free of any obstructions. If there is, remove it and verify if it solves the issue. If not, the pump or motor may require to be replaced.

Unstable Water Pressure:

The dishwasher occasionally won’t receive as effective water pressure, therefore as a consequence, it can’t produce sufficient water to run effectively. Whenever this occurs, the Bosch dishwasher stops mid-cycle due to unstable water pressure. It may be an indicator of poor water pressure or a significant water failure whenever water ceases to flow into your dishwasher and the motors start to produce an unusually loud noise. By turning on your tap while the dishwasher is running, you may determine if the problem is high or low pressure.

Fan Issue:

Technically speaking, the dishwasher may occasionally finish the wash cycle. Though it will likely wrap up more quickly than normal. By opening your dishwasher and looking for any lingering watermarks on your dishes, you may quickly determine this. A fan assembly starts the dry cycles. This tiny, low-watt component ‘blows’ air across the dishes to make sure that each component is dried. However, because of elements like those that are broken, the appliance frequently fails to function properly or fails.
Your dishwasher’s heating component is turned off by the high-limit thermostat as a safety measure when it becomes excessively warm. It is a component of a complex system that controls the outside temperature at which water and detergent mix. However, if this component breaks down, it may abruptly turn off the thermostat component throughout both the drying and washing stages of your cycle, washing the dishes at subfreezing temperatures or rinsing them too soon.

Monitoring the high-limitation thermostat is an essential step in every appliance fix at home. You should make sure that all of your hands are dry and clean before beginning to perform tests when the moment arrives. Once you’ve completed this stage, take a multimeter and cautiously switch on the dishwasher’s electricity to verify the reading for a high-limit thermometer. If the component that heats your dishes is cut off throughout other parts of the dishwasher’s cleaning cycle, you might also find that they are not entirely spotless.

Although Bosch dishwashers are renowned for their dependability and effectiveness, particularly the most reliable appliances occasionally experience issues. Never freak out if your Bosh dishwasher stops mid-cycle.
You ought to be capable to make it back up and running quickly with just a little problem-solving.

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The above-given reason is the mostly main cause of the Bosch dishwasher mid-cycle. If any of these are related to your dishwasher you can resolve that issue on your own. If there is any other issue then you can contact the technician to fix it.

FAQ Section:

Why Does My Bosch Dishwasher Start And Then Stop?

The setup will end mid-cycle if the water or electricity supplies are cut off. Repeat the cycle after restoring the water or electricity supplies. Get in touch with an electrician if required.

Is It Normal For The Dishwasher To Start And Stop?

Most dishwashers frequently start and stop through the drain, which is typical. It facilitates greater effectiveness in the pumping of food soil. It is usual for the dishwasher to temporarily halt or appear to start and stop while it drains.

Why Does My Dishwasher Stop After a Few Minutes?

You should start looking at the solenoid or water inlet valve if your dishwasher barely operates for just a few minutes. The dishwasher won’t switch to the following cycle if it is unable to be filled with water. Rather, it simply will shut off. If everything looks good there, you ought to examine it to find out if the circuit breaker is tripped.

Does Unplugging A Dishwasher Reset It?

Unplugging your dishwasher for a moment from its power source, then plugging it in again will reset the function. Switch off the dishwasher’s breaker on the house’s electric panel and then switch it on again within a minute, unless it is hooked to a power source or the socket is difficult for you to reach.

What Is The Sensor Button On The Dishwasher?

According to the temperature, soil material, and quantity of the load, the Sensor Cycle determines the appropriate dishwasher wash and dry options, utilizing just the necessary water and power. It works well for loads containing a variety of materials, different soil densities, or pretty much every combination possible.

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