The Samsung Washer SC Error Code and How to Fix It

Sometimes Samsung washers display an SC error code. The Sc error code and the 5C error code are the same. The SC or 5C error code indicates the Samsung washer is not draining. If the drainage cycle takes too long, fix the SC error code. The blockage may be in a clogged pump, drain pump filter, or drain hose. Before setting the error, first of all, unplug the washer for a minute and then restart it. If it does not work, clean specific components inside the washer. Pour out the water from the washer before fixing the error. Here is complete guidance on how to find and resolve the Samsung washer SC error code.

This guide covers most Samsung washer models, including :


Attention, please: The buttons and controls on your washing machine remain disabled for three minutes after indicating an error code.

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3 Easy Steps to Locate and Fix the Samsung Washer SC Error Code

Clean the Drain Pump Filter

The pump filter of a front loader Samsung washer needs cleaning every month. The drain pump filter protects the drain pump from debris, lint, dirt, and small items from clothes. If you ignore it, it will soon clog with debris, lint, and dirt. The drain cycle of the washer becomes harder to complete if the drain pump filter is clogged. If it is clean, the drain pump operates correctly. Cleaning removes foul odours from the drain pump. Cleaning is simple and does not require much time.  

It would be best if you had: a draining container, a washing cloth, dish detergent, water, and a brush.

Follow these instructions to clean the drain pump filter of the Samsung washer:

  • Unplug the washer.
  • Open the pump filter access panel by pressing the cover.
  • Place a large bucket under the board.
  • Remove the rubber plug from the hose to drain the water.
  • Slightly push the filter, turn it counterclockwise, and pull it out.
  • Clean the filter using dish soap, a brush, water, and a cloth.
  • Reattach the filter and hose, and close the access panel.
  • Check the error code. If unresolved, move on to the next step.

Inspect the Drain Hose

To fix the SC error code, inspect the drain hose. First, check the installation of the drain hose. A pipe made of flexible plastic is a drain hose. An incorrect installation will prevent water from draining. Another factor is the blockage in the drain hose. Coins, debris, and other small items from clothes may cause blockage. Remove the drain hole and clear the blockage by using any tool. Flow the water into the drain hole to make it clear.It would be best to have: a plier, a screwdriver, and a snake tool.

Follow these instructions to clear the drain hose of the Samsung washer:

  • Switch off the washer.
  • Locate the drain hose.
  • Uninstall the drain hose by loosening the clamps.
  • Use any tool to remove the blockage.
  • Pour water into the drain hole to make it clear.
  • After removing the blockage, reattach the drain hole to its correct position.
  • Check the error code by starting the washer; if unresolved, move on to the next step.

Test the Drain Pump

If the filter and the hose are clear, the reason behind the SC error code is the drain pump. After completing a cycle, the pump drains the water out of the washer. If the Samsung washer is not draining, its drain pump may have a defect or have failed electrically. Some models of the Samsung washer have a drain pump in the base, and some have one behind the rear access panel. To access the drain pump, remove the front and top panels. It would be best if you had: a Philips head screwdriver and a multimeter.

Follow these instructions to test the drain pump of the Samsung washer:

  • Disconnect the power.
  • Remove the screws from the access panel.
  • Identify the drain pump and check it.
  • Make sure the pump is not clogged; otherwise, clean it carefully.
  • Check the pump impeller; if it does not rotate, it is damaged; replace it with a new one.
  • If the impeller is turning accurately, it does not need repairing.
  • Use a multimeter to verify the motor’s continuity. If it fails, you need to replace it.
  • Attach the new electric motor to the drain pump and reinstall all the removed components.
  • Turn on the washer and observe that the SC error code is not on the display screen.
  • If it still shows the SC error code, call a technician to inspect the washer and solve the issue.

Bonus Tips

  • When this happens, the control board can get corrupted, causing the washer to show an SC error code. Turning off the washer for a few minutes and then plugging it back in will reset and fix the board if the SC error code is due to a glitch.
  • If the problem code continues to appear, you should use a multimeter to test the pressure switch and, if necessary, replace it.

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Ensure the power plug is off before fixing the samsung washer error code sc. If your Samsung washer displays an SC (5C) error code, you should investigate the drain pump filter, the hose, and the pump. If the SC error code is still present after you have tried all of the strategies described above, you need to contact a qualified technician so that they can examine it and find a solution to it.

FAQ Section

What is the SC error code?

The SC error number on your Samsung washer indicates a drainage issue because the drainage cycle takes too long.

How can I resolve the Samsung washer SC error code?

You should investigate the drain pump filter, the hose, and the pump. If these washer components are clogged, clear them with the help of water, a cloth, dish soap, a snake tool, a driver, and a plier.

How can I know if the drain of my washing machine is blocked?

The drain hose is likely stuck if a machine turns on, the water pump sounds, but no water comes out. It is possible to remove the hose from the machine’s back and inspect it for any particles of dust or dirt that may have clogged it.

Why is my Samsung washer not spinning clothes correctly?

The filter in your washing machine may become clogged, preventing the washer from spinning.

Why does the SC sign appear on my Samsung washer?

If your Samsung washer won’t drain and the SC code appears, the drain hose may be blocked or stretched so that water cannot pass through it.

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