How To Change Water Filter In Kenmore French Door Refrigerator

Filters on Kenmore refrigerators prevent pollutants from water and ice dispensers, but they must be updated every six months to ensure freshness. You can find the filters inside the fridge or under the doors on the floor. Families’ excellent health and hydration depend on having access to clean, fresh water. Numerous Kenmore French door refrigerators include built-in water and ice dispensers, making obtaining cool water on demand simple. Regular water filter replacement is essential to keep the water at its best quality. The NSF has approved Kenmore water filters for Kenmore Elite refrigerators to remove chlorine taste and odor, lead and cysts, volatile organic compounds, medicines, and some pesticides. Some filters have passed further NSF certification tests, certifying their ability to remove volatile organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and some pesticides. Ensure you replace your refrigerator’s water filter every six months to ensure it can effectively capture pollutants and contaminants. Many people ask about How To Change Water Filter in kenmore French Door Refrigerator. Here, we will provide you with proper guidelines about this

Is It Necessary To Replace The Water Filter In The Kenmore Refrigerator?

It is essential to replace the water filter in the Kenmore refrigerator to keep your refrigerator stocked with clean, filtered water. It removes pollutants, silt, and impurities, producing clean water and ice. The filter might become clogged over time, reducing water flow and efficiency. You may experience cool, clean water that is not only delicious but also more pure and hygienic by replacing the filter.

There are several reasons for changing water filters.:

Water Quality: Changing the filter guarantees that the water and ice you consume are pure, resulting in superior taste and odor.

Health Benefits: A clean water filter removes potentially dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, lead, and germs.

Keeps the appliance functional: A clogged filter can strain your refrigerator’s water system, potentially causing maintenance problems and pricey repairs.

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How To Replace Water Filter In Kenmore French Door Refrigerator

The following are various methods to replace the water filter in the Kenmore refrigerator:

1. Identify the Model of Your Refrigerator

Find the model number on a sticker or plate inside the refrigerator or on the side or back to change a water filter. Filter replacement procedures may vary between models. The model number is usually behind, to the side of, or below the salad drawer in a refrigerator or freezer. To find it, remove the salad drawer. Before knowing how to change the water filter in the Kenmore French door refrigerator, it is crucial to know the model number of your refrigerator because various models may have different procedures for replacing filters.

2. Buy the appropriate replacement water filter

Use your model number to find compatible filters to replace the water filter in a Kenmore refrigerator. Vendors in appliance stores, home improvement stores, and online all offer genuine filters. To avoid compatibility concerns, make sure the filter model fits your refrigerator. You can purchase a filter from the same brand or a third party compatible with your model.

3. Find the Water Filter Housing

To find the Kenmore refrigerator water filter location, open the door and search for the filter compartment in the inside’s upper right or left corner. This compartment is frequently marked “Water Filter” or “Filter.” Since it’s typically possible to guess the placement of the filter based on the fundamental details of your fridge, you won’t need a user manual to locate it.

4. Make preparations for replacement

Prepare before removing the previous filter. You’ll need:

  • A replacement water filter for your refrigerator.
  • A cloth or small container to catch drips while removing the filter.
  • A marking or label to designate the replacement date (helps you remember).

5. Take Out the Previous Water Filter

In a refrigerator, perform the following actions to replace a worn-out water filter:

  • By turning the water shut-off valve, switch off the water supply to the refrigerator.
  • To remove the old filter, turn it counterclockwise while ensuring water doesn’t leak out.
  • To free a jammed filter, use a filter wrench or pliers without harming the filter housing. Some water may trickle out during this process, so be ready.
  • Recycle or throw away the filter after removing it.

6. Insert the New Water Filter

Follow these procedures to install the new filter:

  • Remove the cover from one end of the new filter and its seal to reveal the port attaching to your refrigerator.
  • Before re-putting the filter in your refrigerator, take off any foil if it is there.
  • After installing the replacement filter in the housing, turn on the water supply and flush the filter with water to flush out any carbon and air bubbles.
  • This procedure guarantees a safe connection to your fridge without leaks.

7. Set the Water Filter Indicator to default

A water filter indicator on some Kenmore refrigerator models lets you know when to replace the filter. Use the user handbook to reset the hand after installing the new filter. When pressed for three seconds, the “Filter Reset” button adjacent to the water dispenser lights yellow or red, indicating the presence of a fresh filter. The light will dim, either turning blue or green. Take out and reinstall the filter if the light doesn’t change hues. There may be door buttons inside or outside.

8. Enjoy Pure, Fresh Water

To enjoy pure and fresh water, you must know how to change the water filter on the Kenmore refrigerator. After changing the water filter and resetting the indicator, you may use the Kenmore French door refrigerator’s capacity to create ice and water free of pollutants.

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Bonus Tips

  • The filter is simple to install; you won’t need to hire a plumber.
  • Make sure to update the filter twice a year to eliminate all harmful particles.
  • Remember to mark the replacement date of the filter on either the filter itself or your calendar.


Change the water filter in your Kenmore French door refrigerator for clean, fresh, and healthy family drinking water. This essential maintenance procedure requires identifying your refrigerator model, buying the right filter, finding the filter housing, and following simple instructions. Maintain quality by resetting the water filter indication and logging replacement dates. This replacement keeps your family healthy and hydrated by providing clean, safe, and delicious water in your refrigerator. Run your refrigerator quickly and relax, knowing your water is always clean. This article will help you improve water quality and extend appliance life by replacing filters regularly. Above is detailed information about how to replace the Kenmore water filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change The Water Filter on the Kenmore Refrigerator?

To replace the filter in a Kenmore refrigerator, follow these steps:
First, identify your refrigerator’s model number.
Purchase the compatible replacement filter for your specific model.
Locate the filter housing inside the fridge.
Prepare for replacement with a towel or container to catch drips.
Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator.
To remove the old filter, turn it counterclockwise.
Please insert the new filter and turn it clockwise until secure.
Turn the water supply back on and flush the new filter with water.
Reset the water filter indicator if your fridge has one.

How To Change The Water Filter in Kenmore French Door Refrigerator ?

Changing the water filter in a French door refrigerator, such as a Kenmore model, involves the following steps:
Determine your refrigerator’s model number.
Buying a suitable replacement filter for your model is crucial to guarantee good operation.
Locate the filter housing inside the fridge.
Gather a towel or container to catch any drips.
Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator.
Carefully twist and remove the old filter counterclockwise.
Please insert the new filter and securely rotate it clockwise.
Turn the water supply back on and flush the new filter.
Reset the water filter indicator if applicable to your refrigerator.

How Can The Water Filter Indicator be Reset on a Kenmore Refrigerator?

Resetting the water filter indicator on a Kenmore refrigerator can typically be done by following these steps:
Look for a “Filter Reset” button near the water dispenser.
Hold this button for about three seconds until the indicator light changes or resets.
Consult the manual for additional steps or variations, as the process may vary by model.

Do Kenmore Refrigerators Come With Water Filters?

Yes, numerous Kenmore refrigerators include built-in water filters. These filters improve the quality and taste of dispensed water and ice. However, not all Kenmore models may have water filters, so checking your specific refrigerator’s features and documentation is essential.

Is it Necessary to Turn Off The Water Supply To Change the Kenmore Refrigerator Filter?

Yes, turning off the water supply to your Kenmore refrigerator is generally recommended before changing the water filter. This precaution helps prevent any water leaks or spills during the replacement process. Turning off the water supply ensures a clean and hassle-free filter replacement experience.

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