Why Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed And How to Fix (Step by Step)

The fridge is considered one of the most important appliances of a household it has various beneficial operations. Besides this the most reliable appliances occasionally experience issues. If you are experiencing the problem that your fridge making noise when door closed then there could several reasons behind it. Here in this article we will discuss about the main reasons that why fridge making buzzing noise when door closed? And give you information about the possible way to fix it or resolve this problem.

Reasons why fridge making noise when door closed and how to fix:

If the fridge makes noises while the door is closed, do not panic. Figure out why this circumstance arrives so that you can easily remedy it. The following factors could be to blame for the noise:

  • Damaged Doors or Gasket
  • Imbalance Temperature
  • Ice Build up
  • Malfunctioned Evaporator Fan
  • Blocked Evaporator Fan
  • Damaged Condenser Fan
  • Dirty Condenser

Damaged Doors or Gasket:

If you are facing the problem that your fridge makes noise when the doors closed? The door might be the issue. Damaged doors occasionally cause the buzzing noise of parts that are damaged. When you close the door, a buzzing noise might be made by a loose gasket, the material that lies on the door’s border.

How to fix Damaged Doors:

Damaged doors, particularly those that have been seriously damaged, must be repaired right away. Every time the refrigerator is opened, it could be dangerous. Loose gaskets must be tightly reattached. You can fix a damaged door by yourself, but a gasket needs intricate operations that are exclusively performed by electricians.

Imbalance Temperature:

Imbalance temperature can also be a plausible explanation for odd noises originating from a closed fridge. The refrigerator is not functioning properly if the temperature is below the standard, excessively low, or excessively high. The malfunctioning compressor is the cause of this.

How to fix Imbalance Temperature :

If you prefer to stop this noise and fix this issue. It is most important step that you should regulate the temperature of your fridge properly.

Ice Buildup:

The buildup of ice in the freezer, which can produce a more intense and noisy sound, is a further factor that could be causing the odd sounds. The fan being blocked by an icy layer is undoubtedly the reason of the noise, which would sound like something is vibrating or clattering.

How to fix it Ice Buildup:

Defrost the appliance if this takes place. Switch off everything and allow it to dry. Alternatively, you can also use a clean piece of cloth to dry it manually. After removing all water and humidity reboot the appliance. It does not guarantee that your problem will be fixed. If the defrosted ice and moisture may cause any kind of internal damage.
Restart the fridge to make sure everything is operating properly. If it works properly then it is better for you. If not, then consider the technician to figure out the damage which is due to frosting or moisture to repair or replace its internal damaged parts.

Malfunctioned Evaporator Fan:

Evaporator fans were developed by producers to cooperate alongside the condenser in controlling the internal temperature transfer in and out of the refrigerator. To move cold water, the evaporator needs to convey heat through the condensation chamber. However, the malfunctioning evaporator fan has trouble turning, ultimately resulting in a loud, annoying noise. Because the flaps on the wings have difficulty in spinning effectively, it frequently sounds like clacking.

How to fix Malfunctioned Evaporator Fan:

If you wish to stop being bothered by these sounds, you can remedy it by substituting the fan in the evaporator motor. Note: You have the option of replacing the evaporator fans manually, however, it is difficult. On internet sites, you can find a lot of instructions. Yet, it is preferable to either let an expert handle it or contact a specialist before mending it.

Blocked Evaporator Fan:

If you hear your fridge making noise when door closed, then the blocked evaporator can be another main cause of it. This is taking place as a consequence of the numerous blockages preventing the evaporator fan from freely movement and scratching across it. These items may include crumbs of food, icy layer, or dust particles and that is due being overloaded.

Blocked Evaporator Fan Troubleshoot :

Avoiding overloading the fridge and defrosting the frozen accumulation these both methods work very effectively to fix this issue at hand.

Damaged Condenser Fan:

Furthermore, a damaged or broken condenser fan might be a further root cause of this problem. It produces a sound that signifies the device is having trouble cooling. It constitutes a strange rattling or grinding sounds.

Damaged Condenser Fan Troubleshoot:

The best solution for this problem is to replace if you intended to solve this issue. But it is preferable to either let an expert handle it or contact a specialist before mending it.

Dirty Condenser:

If your fridge making noise when the door is closed, an unclean condenser may be to blame. Similar problems to those of the evaporator might be caused by buildup of dust in the condenser fan.

Dirty Condenser Troubleshoot :

The dirt can simply be dusted off to eliminate it. Plan routine cleanups to prevent problems like these and negatively impact the equipment you use.

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The reasons listed above are the most frequent causes of a fridge making noise when door closed. If any of them apply to your fridge, you can address the problem on your own. However, there is a major technical issue with your fridge then, it is a better option to consider a technician to fix.

FAQ Section:

Why is my fridge making a humming noise?

A malfunctioning refrigerator compressor typically produces a loud, grating humming noise. A refrigerator that is absolutely silent, meanwhile, can potentially be a sign of a compressor problem. Occasionally, unplugging the refrigerator for a few minutes, and then reconnecting it right back in, will fix the issue.

What damaged fridge compressor?

The wrong amount of load. Both a light load on the evaporator of the refrigerator and a heavy load in the cooling chamber can cause problems with the compressor. The culprit is frequently operating an empty refrigerator for a longer amount of time as well as keeping plenty of ice in the freezer compartment.

What can damage a refrigerator?

A mechanically locked compressor, a failing fan motor, and filthy condenser coils constitute the three most frequent causes of malfunctions that we observe as a consequence of deterioration. The fridge cannot operate without a running compressor, which is the main component of the refrigeration system.

Why does my fridge make noise at night?

The refrigerator sides’ expanding and contracting when the outside temperature falls at nighttime can occasionally produce noise. This type of sound is common at nighttime and shouldn’t worry you, so you ought to sleep comfortably.

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